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I’m Not Sorry for Living! — The No-Apologies Manifesto.

Don’t apologize for being too much or for feeling things deeply, for wanting to change yourself, and then lives, and then maybe the world, through your gifts, dreams, ideas, as crazy, as mad, as impossible as they seem to those who cannot understand. Apologize ONLY for the times you agree with your fear and want to give up.

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Today is NOT the Day You Die. — An Unsuicide Note to Those Who Feel Too Much.

I wish instead of reading post-factum Suicide Notes, we wrote each other pre-dawn Unsuicide Letters more often. I wish instead of Hi or Fine or How Are You, we’d all just tell the real, fucking truth about our lives — not feeling less for feeling deeply, sad or empty, not hiding just because we hurt, holding our ache up high like prayer flags, instead of shaming it with scarlet letters…

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Things I’m Afraid to Tell You…

That there’s a home in me deeper than flesh, stronger than bone, calmer than trouble and more infinite than all these fading words… That there’s a longing in my bones that can melt glaciers. That there’s a quiet strength in all the weakness I’ve accepted. That there is courage in the vulnerable broken pieces I’ve rushed to sweep under the rug.

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Random Acts of Wisdom: Why I Post Pieces of Me on Public Mirrors… and Run!

I once read that Kindness is a 3-way Revolution: It releases more serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in the brain of not just the Giver and the Receiver, but in whoever is watching the exchange. And so is Wisdom just another revolution – a form of Kindness to the Soul… So here’s a thrilling & creative recipe to change the world, using your wisdom & your words…

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5 Causes for Creative Block & How to Walk through Walls.

Dear Creator, have you been banging your head against too many walls to count lately? Do you ever miss having both, the dreaming and the doing, working together and in synergy, to get you faster where you need to go?

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7 Steps to Think like Leonardo da Vinci: The Guide to Everyday Genius.

What does it mean to be a genius? Is genius born or made — or both? How do you practice brilliancy? How do you cultivate aliveness? How do you develop your multiple talents, loves and abilities and how can you evolve in every aspect that amounts to the complex equation of You?

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Instructions for a Crappy Day: From Victim to Creator.

If we realign our life’s movie to be watched and lived from the director’s perspective, rather than just from a tired supporting actor’s missed takes, then every storm we have to walk through will be the “perfect” storm…

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Try Evolution Instead of Resolutions: 5 Lessons I’m Still Learning.

“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another…”

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11 Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Had.

Extra-ordinary things don’t happen by chance. They happen to people bold enough to believe and attempt them. Awakening to your true nature is like a gentle hurricane. You have no idea how it started or how it found you — you just wake up one day in the burning heart of paradox and realize…

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12 Vital Business Lessons for Dreamers & Artistpreneurs.

Artistpreneur (n. & v.) = A person-journey that turns her whole life into a sustainable work of art….Trying to avoid the business side of your life — whatever it is that you do — because of any misconceptions, fears or insecurities you may have about it, is as if rain tried to avoid falling, because some people (you included) just don’t want to get wet….Here are a few, important, necessary, urgent, vital as oxygen, business lessons — applicable to all of life & art & love — I’ve learned the hard way. May they benefit your journey…

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“Dear Humans, I Can’t Save You…” — If God Prayed to Us…

Heaven is not a place you go to after you bullshit, victimize and agonize your way through life, ignoring your talents, repressing your creativity and postponing your aliveness for later, someday or never. No, humans. Heaven is a State of Being. Paradise is a conscious daily decision to be in harmony with the flow of life, not fighting for or against it. I wanted you to have this from Day 1! Why are you making it so difficult?

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Top 3 Most Powerful Excuses that Will Ruin Your Creative Life.

Our mind can be our greatest ally and our bloodiest foe. Our lawyer and our prosecutor. Our Heaven & our Hell. But to become the Masters of our Fate, and the Creative CEO’s of our Lives, we must first master this tiny little troublemaking mind. Here are 3 of the top most powerful excuses that, in my opinion as an Excuse Addict in Recovery, will ruin your Creative Life…

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5 Things Nobody Told You About Living a Creative Life.

There are at least two sides to every creator’s journey: the story you tell the world, and the rest of the iceberg that will never see the light of day (except for the few people allowed into your bubble). Both sides are real, both sides are necessary, both sides feed off each other. But let me tell you, there is so much hell that goes into the hidden one, so you can actually produce a piece of heaven. Here are some of the biggest pains in a Creator’s life…

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A Declaration of Sanity: I’m Not Crazy, I Just Feel Things Too Deeply.

‘I miss myself,’ she whispered. ‘I miss the sliding of my fingers on a skin that feels like home. My hands almost forgot how to speak… I miss the way laughter used to be my only medicine and how my heart was able to wake up every morning without weighing a hundred years, and do sky business with the world, like any other uncaged bird… I miss new stories on my body, new metaphors for an old soul that knows no other tune but hope…’

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Letting Go Is Not Giving Up… (Or, If You Love Me, Set Me Free.)

Why do we keep holding on (with bloody claws) to what is bringing us down? When is the right time to let go of an idea, a business, a project, a revolution, a love that once gave us life and now it’s taking it away? Where should we draw the line between our heartbeats and the void? — A heart collage on Letting Go…

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“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” — Coco Chanel on How to Be a Woman.

To me, Coco Chanel set the first example that it was possible to care about both, your mind and looks equally, to cultivate and excel at both, the inside and the outside, to turn your defeats into opportunities, your weaknesses into strengths, to embrace your light and your darkness…

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Fall from the Highest Place: 7 Tough Lessons Learned from Failure.

“Never judge yourself by what you have done. Judge yourself in terms of what you will do.” — 7 fail-proof ways to accept, forgive & learn from your missed-takes…and be a goddamn phoenix.

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