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Wisdom Bites for Dreamers & Doers - Andrea Balt Quotes

I love quoting myself. It adds flavor to my conversation.

It helps me understand what the hell I’m talking about, and puts my truth in a broader perspective by highlighting the essential wisdom in it — which is nothing but the same old universal voice that speaks through us all.

As a writer and an artisan of life, I have plenty of both: uninspired, cliché, cheesy and dumb-as-fuck moments as well as eloquent, brilliant and genius realizations — ethereal instances of connection and alignment with my higher self and the infinite creative river that runs through us all.

I’d like to save the latter and add them to my lifetime collage, with the hope that they might just be the words some other eyes need to meet in order to realize their own truth and get a hold of their greatness.

To those writers who feel the creative impulse to quote themselves and go beyond the traditional ways of seeing, being and saying, but are still hesitant and concerned about what others may think, I say (quote):

Quotes & Sayings - Andrea Balt

Break free from the trap of socially imposed modesty. You are important. Your voice matters. You are an artist and you save lives with your passion. Someone’s head might hang on your words, today. Don’t hide your greatness. Don’t use your fear as an excuse not to shine.

Who knows your writing better than you? You are your best editor. Why wait 100 years, post-life and post-earth, for others to “discover” you and validate your genius when you can do it yourself right now? There is nothing more powerful than an artist, or a human being for that matter, owning her greatness. Inspiration is the only superpower that can truly touch and change a life. 

So… Know thyself. Accept thyself. Love thyself. And share thyself. If you’re an artist, and as such, a healer, it’s you job to offer a taste of your best meals to a hungry world. Don’t shy away from your call. 

Here are some of my best truth bites. I hope they sound like home, and you come in and we have dinner, and you can tell me yours. I’ll keep refreshing this page, as long as the voices keep saying things through me.

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{Source - Life Manifesto}

{Source – Life Manifesto}



{Source - Life Manifesto}

{Source – Life Manifesto}




{Source - Life Manifesto}

{Source – Life Manifesto}


{Source - Life Manifesto}

{Source – Life Manifesto}


{Source - Life Manifesto}

{Source – Life Manifesto}


{Source - A story only written in my head. Need to transcribe.}

{Source – Still in my head. Need to transcribe.}


Imagination atones for reality's sins - Andrea Balt - quotes

{Source – Adapted from 11 Tips & Tricks for Troubled Writers}





{Source - Life Manifesto}

{Source – Life Manifesto}



{Source - Slow Down Manifesto}

{Source – Slow Down Manifesto}
















{Source - I can't remember where I originally wrote this, damnit!}

{Source – somewhere on RebelleSociety.com}


Andrea Balt - On Traveling

{Source – AB manifesto}


The world doesn't owe us anything -- Andrea Balt quotes

{source – AB manifesto – memed for RebelleSociety.com}

{Source - @creativerehab on Instagram}

{Source – @creativerehab on Instagram}








 – Poetry Lab, This Way –




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