A Letter I just Sent Myself from 2149.


Dear Young Me with an Old Soul…

I don’t even know where to begin… A hundred years between us and it still feels like yesterday.

Please don’t be scared, you’re not crazy. You’re not imagining this. Unless we’re both figments of someone else’s imagination, or backshadows of a distant future, in which case, what do we have to lose?

I’m writing you from a time capsule suspended in space, that I just improvised into an office with a view, trying to trick reality with my latest invention. You can’t see me, but I can see you reading this, your face projected on my window. You’re exactly like I remembered you.

There is so much I’d like to say to you, warn you about and teach you… 

Our strict, implicit universal laws forbid us to contact our previous selves. But you know me, I break the rules. After years of secretly investigating space dynamics, speed of thought (which, contrary to what we used to believe, is much faster than the speed of sound), and inverse universal expansion, I finally found the one thing not contained in the everything. The exception to the rule. A tunnel in time. A way back to you.

I need your help…

They say we must not interfere with the natural order of things even if they inevitably lead to our future destruction. But I don’t believe in fate, I believe in conscious creation. Like you started teaching me back in 2014, the other, equally natural side of decay is the ability to protest, to rebel and rise from our own ruins into a more breathable reality.

When in doubt, what is one homo creative sapiens to do but to demolish and rebuild?

We move between these two inevitable forces: we dance ourselves into destruction, we then plot an escape with our last breath, and finally (and endlessly), we rise out of our own ashes through a creative leap of faith into a new paradigm that can more fully contain our expansive nature.

But what we weren’t sure about back then, and now I can confirm to you, is that our nets are activated by the jumping. There’s nothing out there, really, we make it all inside.

So, dear young and puzzled, restless and hopeful, unevolved but curious me, hear me out. I hate rushing you about existential life-or-death matters, but this may be the only time I am able to communicate with you this century. The Cosmic Inquisition must have already intercepted this transmission and their blood-powered spaceships will be here any minute.

But first, summon the epic and press play:

In case this story we call Earth, this wonder we call Body, this day we call Love and this universe we call Mind should come to an abrupt end, I want you to know five, impossible, true things. I know how you love lists. 

I have a feeling that if you come to understand these universal intrinsic laws the way I do now, you’ll be able to propel my own expansion into this future you can’t yet see but I can assure you it exists and it’s much greater than you think.

You’ll help me in return resolve the dead-end matters of my time, and take another leap of creativity. Perhaps you are the last breath I need to plot my next escape. Every little bit matters.

1. There is no reality.

You are the gateway of reality. Nothing is. You are. And through you, you experience the rest. Perception is everything. You are the storyteller and the story. You agree to both, your smaller story and the greater novel, of which your life is only a chapter. All life is co-creation.

Don’t waste your time protesting against a shallow existence, a broken system, shitty endings, empty people. Don’t try to fight or flight. Instead, focus on creating an alternative way out of the thoughts that imprison you. Go beyond your perceived limitations and start operating from the freedom that came before the prison. Train your body to follow.

2. There is no time. You are time, blood and agony.

I’m glad you don’t wear a watch. But the problem is the watch in our head. We were born as slaves to time. You must break free and the only way to do this is by simply changing the way you look at time.

You’re a piece of time in endless transformation. You don’t exist in time. Time exists in you.

The same part of you that serves as CEO of your own life — designing, planning, organizing your thoughts and perception, is also the master of your time. So you can’t say you “don’t have enough time.” Because time is all you have and all you are. Internalize this truth by practicing it daily. It will save you so many headaches, stress, illnesses and hurt.

3. There is no place that can contain you. 

You know how you lose your keys all the time? 100 years later, I do the same with my spaceship microchips, thank you… After cursing everything in sight, you end up finding them somewhere you’d already looked before but hadn’t seen them. Yet they were there. They didn’t move. You didn’t see them before because you weren’t thinking of them.

Our perception determines what we see and what remains hidden. And what we see determines how we relate to that picture of the world and ourselves, and what we create more of.

There are alternative, parallel realities around and within you that you can’t yet visualize because you have been conditioned to believe that only what you see is real. But I’m telling you the opposite: you have to believe in order to see. The belief, the thought, the idea, comes first. And what you actually see – the space around you and all it contains – eventually confirms that belief.

What’s real in you is greater than your confines and larger than the imagined space around you. It’s like an on/off button that declares: Let there be light. 

4. There are no people. At least not in the way your imagination has been trained to believe.

A person is not a unit, it’s a process. Just like you, everybody else is a unique configuration of time and energy, simultaneously happening. We are events and visible manifestation of the cosmos interacting with each other. We are expressions of the universe, dreams come true.

Our sense of familiarity and recognition of ourselves and everyone else, is the universe looking at itself through the mirror of flesh and saying: aha, I remember you — because you come from me and you are me. Everything that makes sense, every understanding, acknowledgement or cognition is a re-cognition, a re-acquaintance with something that already exists in and beyond ourselves.

We can only see and accept that of which we already are a part, or that which is already in us. We are incapable of re-cognizing anything or anyone that we aren’t already familiar with, at a deep internal level, or that isn’t already in part, us.

Claiming or believing that you are separate from others (and this includes the rest of nature) or in any way different, above or below is as ridiculous as a chapter in a novel rising above or standing out from the other chapters. The only thing unique abut you is the vantage point from which you’re happening. As a human experience, you are everyone.

5. There is no death. 

Not in the way your culture understands it. There is change. There are leaves falling, seasons passing, our physical configurations decaying. There is metamorphosis. Nothing is lost in nature. No one is wasted. Everything in us is processed, recycled, reused, re-created.

Your skin replaces itself every 4 weeks, your liver every 6 weeks, your heart, every 6 months. In about a year’s time, every single atom in your body is replaced. Atoms from thousands of human beings throughout history are now in you and have come and gone through you.

This is why I am You. Or what, you really think your current body and tired mind can get around another hundred years?

So, if we are not our atoms or our cells, because these come and go, then think about it, who are we?

If we begin to understand our perceived selves as processes and temporary manifestation of something greater, as stories told by a higher self that is not subject to these changes — an inside and outside observer that notices them and holds the mystery of us, then how can we ever end?

The observer in us is eternal. Our atoms will be recycled until we’ve completely exhausted our current form of existence. In this sense, death is a form of liberation — it frees your eternal and indomitable essence from the consequences of your social, cultural, mental, physical limitations, conditioning and impositions that have shaped you ever since you came into this world. Death gives the truth in you the freedom to fully escape the prison of the mind and the decay of the body.

You, as you know yourself, will die. But I am writing you to let you know that there’s no end. New things will be born through you and out of you and by you, eternally. You are a chapter of the infinite…

In the words of Simone de Beauvoir (whose 106th birthday is today, speaking of timelessness):

Simone de Beauvoir

I have to go! They’re here… 

Please, just remember: Nothing is in vain. Nothing is just nothing.

We are the something in the everything.

I know you.

I see you.

It matters.




*Music: Ludovico Einaudi – In a Timelapse (2013) / Photo: Bigstock.


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  1. I always read your writings carefully. Its vast like the ocean. Love you.

  2. Wow! This is amaaaaaazing.

  3. S weet
    W onderful
    E xtraordinary
    E cstatic
    T ruth


  4. You are amazing.
    I’ve been hearing the voices of past me’s, similar messages, little glimpses.
    Your words are magic, sparkly bits of heaven. Thank you. x

    • Andrea Balt says:

      Thanks Juliana! We should make a collage of these glimpses, messages. Some are too important to forget. xo

      • I absolutely Love You… It is so nice to know that I am not the only one that thinks and feels like this… It’s so funny the way you talk about things like using the “matrix” to get your point across, I do the same things… Love it….

        I can not wait to read more and perhaps share some of my poems with you.

        Much Love to you, where ever you are in the universe ;o) LOL


        • Andrea Balt says:

          Would love to check out your poems, Vikie.

          Thank you for reading and glad we’re on the same spaceship.

          Much love to you!

      • I really Really love that idea…I think we should.

  5. Andrea Balt these words you said at the end mean the world to me,

    “Please, just remember: Nothing is in vain. Nothing is just nothing.
    We are the something in the everything. I know you. I see you.
    It matters.”

    Thank you so much for these words, my x husband use to say the opposite to me all the time. Putting me down and telling me I was wasting my time.

    Thank you again,


  6. Wisdom among wisdom… I have heard similar words from many Masters… So blessed to have this confirmation.
    the sacredness of connection within the oneness brings the internal truths outward, like a dance to the soul’s music of the Universe. Moving, swaying and keeping things balanced. I keep enjoying the dance with your spirit and words. thank you for being the wise old soul assisting others to remember this dance with magic, imagination and the endless realities within the beautiful Universe.
    Thank you beautiful soul of multi-dimensions.

  7. This Story we call Earth
    This Wonder we call Body
    This Day we call Love
    This Universe we call Mind

    This is your (fucking) Universe which entered my (fucking) Universe via your (fucking) Skill of translating your (fucking) Viscerality of Being Alive into the living code of language and made this wonder I call My body through the (fucking) universe I call My mind tremble toDay with Love and its Opposite at the thought of sharing My story I call earth with your Story you also call Earth.

    FUCK !

    Andrea, you R (fucking) genius, genius of your Universe, for via expressing yours you have penetrated mine.

    FUCK !

    Take care.

    Take care,


  8. I am so glad I found you. I’ve been wondering for so long, why I didn’t fit in and why I couldn’t see the world like the average, everyday 9-5 person did. And here, now I realise its cool to be crazy with my own version of reality and truth. No limitations and endless creative opportunity. I’m incredibly happy!! And someone who might get my ramblings, poetry, shoes!!! So thank you!!!

  9. Hi Andrea,

    I want to thank you because you made my day. Sometimes I tend to think that I could be crazy but when I was reading your letter I felt like if I wrote it myself. Thanks for being a beautiful mirror. I feel much better now 🙂


  10. Andrea can i ask about 2152, how did you know their name in existance….their number.This is the first time I have ever seen another use the numbers like this for identification. I once saw 4298 talk to 4218 .

  11. “I’m writing You from a time capsule suspended in space, that I just improvised into an office with a view, trying to trick reality with my latest invention. You can’t see me, but I can see You reading this, your face projected on my window. You’re exactly like I remembered You.

    There is so much I’d like to say to You, warn You about and teach You”… a.b.

    P.S. The “long-lost & found” time capsule… & your lovely message from the future. And yes, “The dress, it’s always about the dress.” The kind that outlast a Lifetime & beyond. Sending You proof of Life / Art & Love in light-years… You should’ve already received this transmission, instantly. Today! ❤️

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