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I’m Andréa Balt — Writer, Creative Troublemaker, Communication Alchemist, Globetrotting Gypsy and self-proclaimed Renaissance Woman. I am also the founding mama of RebelleSociety.com / Write Yourself Alive / Creative Rehab (Online Programs + Art & Adventure Events Around the World) / Warrior Woman RisingRebelle Wellness (currently being remade), and I Art You (e-store) (almost here).

I hold a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication, an MFA in Creative Writing & a Holistic Health Coach degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. I’m also a 200-hr certified Yoga Teacher.

Through my work I try to reflect the wholeness of the human experience by combining Creativity & Writing, Art & Travel, Mind, Body & Soul into a more expressive, abundant & expansive Art of Being Alive.

On this website, I write freely about all the topics that stir me, and I try to document the ahas, the breakdowns & breakthroughs, and the ups & downs in my lifelong creative rehab journey.

I hope my words can touch you in some way and if nothing else, remind you that you’re not alone; that there are more soulful creative rebels out there who feel things deeply & want to make a difference with their story.

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P.P.S. My name is pronounced un-DREH-ah (like “Andrea Bocelli”).




Andrea Balt is a Writer, Creative Troublemaker & Communication Alchemist. She is also Founder of RebelleSociety.com / Write Yourself Alive / Creative Rehab & Warrior Woman Rising

Trough her work, Andrea tries to reflect the wholeness of the human experience by combining Creativity & Writing, Art & Travel, Mind, Body & Soul into a more expressive, abundant and expansive Art of Being Alive.

She holds a BA in Mass Communication and an MFA in Creative Writing. She is also a Holistic Health Coach and a 200-hr certified Yoga Teacher.

In the last 7 years Andrea has helped hundreads of thousands of stuck creators around the world come alive and reignite their passion, through her writing, teaching, coaching, sold-out events and sought-after online courses.

She is a catalyst for inspiring others to rediscover their innate creative superpowers, trust, write + share their stories, and re-create their lives, one act of courage at a time.

Visit her website andreabalt.com to read more about her work. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.





Voilá 19 tidbits about me that I’d probably share with you — as part of my cosmic elevator pitch — if we were, say, touring the universe in our intergalactic time-machine with a cup of stardust tea in our hands. Dream date?

An everyday, personal and imperfect manifesto I keep editing and adding to, as I metamorphose my way through life.

1. Definitions are hard and labels don’t do justice. I think of myself as an unfinished book, a walking-talking-typing transformation, mostly change… or 70% water. I die every night and try to write myself back to life the next morning. I believe that every breath is a second chance to create the world I want to live in, from the inside out, starting with myself. I’m currently writing, directing and starring in my own messy, independent and largely unpredictable lifelong epic. I hope I can inspire you to make your own.


2. I have a steady long-lasting passion for anything vintage, especially photography, fashion, architecture & interiors. And I’m a bit confused about being born in the late 1800’s, then again in the 20’s, 40’s, 60’s…my last human experience beginning in 1983. A lot of people live inside my chest.

3. I believe that creativity is one of our greatest, forgotten superpowers and the motor and basic force of all life. Everything in the universe, at any given moment, from the smallest to the greatest, is an active act of creation, for better or worse.

We can only understand our life through stories and from the moment we are born until the minute we die, we make up, nurture and live out our stories as individuals, communities and society at large. And since we are the chief creators of our existence, we also have the power to change these stories. The problem is, most of us are unaware, unsure or unconscious about this ability.

{Paris, Cemetery of Montparnasse)

4. I was raised by wolves and adopted by people. I understand what it’s like to feel different, alone, unloved, judged, misunderstood or crazy. But I have learned that,

Your weirdness will make you stronger. Your dark side will keep you whole. Your vulnerability will connect you to the rest of our suffering world. Your creativity will set you free. There’s nothing wrong with you. 

So I’ve slowly (and painfully) started to accept my weirdness, my losses and my dark side and use them to my benefit. I’m life-long learning how to love myself, nurture myself, forgive myself for being imperfect and ultimately, save myself — since I’m the only key and door to me.


{Click here to read my Declaration of Sanity … and accept your weirdness}

5. I’m a mostly vegan, passionate foodie, advocate of high-raw, fresh, organic food; which naturally turns me into a fierce enemy of GMO, slavery of any kind, indifference, cruelty and abuse of nature, animals and people. I believe that eating is an intimate, kind and satisfying conversation with our food. It’s not a greedy, addictive or vindictive monologue.

6. I cry at weddings and laugh at funerals. (Doesn’t everyone, deep down?) I enjoy absurd humor and stand-up comedy and I am convinced that a good slap of humor a day, keeps the shrink away. I think life is essentially tragicomic, so when birds shit on me (more often than not), I’ve been trying to follow Joseph Campbell’s advice and laugh it off (after cursing them out). Humor finds a way, where heart and reason have given up. It makes us more tolerant and it increases our empathy. Besides, it’s the best antidote to help us face the problem (or the gift) of pain.


7. For most of my life, I’ve been an obsessive-compulsive reader. I discovered reading in my forth year on Earth, by accident. I didn’t have a TV as a child so I was forced into books and imagination. I am convinced that writing is humanity’s greatest invention.

Books have helped me face my loneliness and tragedies and escape my mental prisons; they’ve ignited my creativity and forced me to develop an acute critical thinking. This direct, intimate self-imposed education has been my refuge, my most consistent and faithful life-companion and my main source of joy through the years, saving me in every possible way. If you enter a bookstore with me, you shall never leave it alive. 


8. I believe that Rebellion is the backbone of Creativity. I don’t adhere to our sick society’s way of normalizing and neutralizing the unique gods and goddesses that we are, by seducing us with false plastic comfort & brainwashing propaganda, and tricking us into blind allegiance to an unfair, twisted, selfish and ignorant paradigm of the world — controlled by corporations, puppeted by politicians, and silenced by sold-out media.

I refuse to support any inversely totalitarian, soul-sucking Matrix I have unconsciously been a part of, with my time, effort, money, mind, voice and dreams. I want to howl at a real moon, not at your planet-killing neon lights. So I try to slap my mind awake every morning and consciously choose to engage in daily creative rebellion — that is, doing what I can with what I have right here and right now — against the seductive heart slavery, mental chains and soul prisons of my time.

In case any of you, people of 2149, are reading this, please understand that we were free, we just didn’t know it yet.


9. I move and travel, therefore I am. I’m infinitely curious about different cultures, the way other people think, eat, drink, laugh, express themselves, dream, interact, fight, make love… (Aren’t you?) Like Kerouac put it, “it’s all one vast awakened thing.” Culture is a collective way of operating, our shared social plasma and the best antidote against prejudice. Immersing ourselves in cultures other than the one we call “our own” is essential in our education, development and evolution. It also ignites our creativity and expands our world.

Not having enough money is a poor excuse for not travelling — based on a false materialistic idea of what travelling implies and how it’s supposed to look or feel like.

The purpose of travel is not your comfort, but your discomfort. It pulls you out of your safe places and forces you to face the unknown, raw, unedited life beyond your small and cozy comfort zone. It brings you face to face with a side of you that you could never meet, understand and love unless it is reflected back to you through the eyes of the world you ignore. It’s not as much a discovery of the world, but a discovery of yourself through that world. When you travel, you’re actually travelling through yourself. You become your own adventure.


10. I don’t just make art. I AM Art. (And so are you). Objects are beautiful, but they occupy the lowest place on the Art scale. Real art begins with us and our best creations and works of art are our own lives. The way I see it, being Art (and, as a result, making it) is not a preference, a hobby or a fancy. It’s our duty, as essential creators. As long as we’re alive our Art — that is, our Life and its extensions — is non-negotiable.

I’m not an artist because it sounds good, or because I love the the idea of it, or because I make objects that society identifies as “good” or “bad” Art. I’m an artist mainly because I can’t help it; because I’m a unique, unrepeatable human being and my life is a blank canvas that’s been handed to me, without asking, and whether I like it or not I gotta’ paint on it and document my findings.


11. I believe that an artist is, fundamentally, a healer. We are social creatures and deeply interconnected to each other; the other point of being a living work of art is to inspire others to become their own work of art. Art is a give and take. And there is no better way to raise the dead than by resurrecting your own self. Art liberates. It holds space. It is not rigid. It embraces. It interrupts the status quo. It slaps your dormant self awake.

We should fill hospitals with art and artists, give patients a pen & paper, brush & canvas, a camera, an instrument… Let creativity heal them from the inside out. Let us detox from years of repressing our dreams and talents with shoulds, musts and have-tos. You can’t kill death. The cure to our illnesses can’t be found in the same modus operandi that created them in the first place. We should let Art, for once, take a stand for our life.

12. I’m a passionate Bike Ambassador. I have a dream that all cars, planes and noisy, air-polluting artifacts will disappear in the next 50 years and we’ll return to the bike as the most efficient, romantic, and healthy vehicle, especially designed for poets and dreamers. Just waiting for Teleportation to make an official entrance. And if not, the Flying Bike is just one step away.

13. After hurting my mind, wearing out my spirit and neglecting my body while studying the world’s religions, I decided to fuck it all off, and in the silence that followed, I realized I’m a Worshiper of Aliveness, who belongs to the Order of Nature, with the Sun as my Priest, Mountains as my Cathedrals, the Sea as my Holy Mother of God, Animals as my Angels and Art as my Hallelujah.


14. I’m obsessed with design. Design begins with us. We are intelligent design, constantly designing more life. And we can only relate to the space around us in the same capacity. Our selves are not limited to our body’s confines. The space we each occupy is larger than our body and greater than our perception, and it is affected and constricted by the space around it. We merge with the energy, colors, shapes and objects around us. Energy meets (and greets) more energy.

So we either mold to our space or we make our space mold to us. Just like with everything else — food, relationships, mind & soul nourishment — we must try to surround ourselves with that which best resembles and honors our intelligent designer nature. And if we can’t find it, we must create it.

15. I’m in a long-term serious relationship with sci-fi geekery, epic films, spy TV-shows, documentaries, pop art, portrait photography, expressionism, philosophy, positive psychology, guitars, songwriting and 19th century novels. Imagination is the beginning of knowledge and knowledge is infinite. Our story never ends. 

16. I think Quantum Physics will do for our generation what the Industrial Revolution has done for our grandparents and post-modern-mortem parents. Or rather, it will help us undo the damage they did to the world, based on the dualistic and materialistic, Newtonian understanding of the universe they inherited and tried to pass on to us.

My generation says Fuck You, Duality. Energy is not a force that affects matter, but rather the basis — the soul — of matter, and that which arranges, directs and re-creates matter upon our command. Everything exists. Everything is illuminated. And everything can be changed. Especially us.


17. I believe in conscious creative evolution. No matter who we think we are, what happened to us, where we live, what our circumstances dictate and what our stories say, as long as we’re alive, we have the innate ability to rewrite them. Only when we take creative responsibility for our lives, our decisions, our character and our education, we can affect other people’s lives. Without full accountability for our own selves and our aliveness, there is little to do for anyone else.

The world doesn’t owe us anything. Instead, change falls on our own shoulders. It is we who owe the world a different reflection than the one that’s hurting us. We are the mirrors. We are the living labs where creative change begins to take place. Nobody else can save us, but ourselves.

Heaven is not a place you go to after you bullshit, victimize and agonize your way through life, ignoring your talents, repressing your creativity and postponing your aliveness for when this or that happens. Heaven is a State of Mind and it can only happen when you are in harmony with the intricate life inside and outside of you. So I kind of want to live before I die. I have no idea (nor do I really wish to know) what happens after. I’ll deal with it then. 


18. Anything is everything. The way you do one thing is the way you do any and every thing. We apply your modus operandi to the whole of our existence. I think this wholeness is the most humbling, beautiful truth we have. The way we are in the little things, is a preview of the way we are with the greater, most life-challenging operations. Nothing is trivial or without relevance. I’m slowly realizing that every act is Sacred; every person is God; every land you step on is Holy Land.

The only difference between the small and the great is our perception and the number of people watching you. An act is just an act. A person is just a person. And a place, just a place. The essence is the same. There’s nothing more to anything you do than the glasses through which you’re seeing it.

You can never hide your true self for too long. You can’t fake authenticity. Bullshit stinks. You can’t give what you haven’t got. In order to give anything to anyone you have to become It yourself. And then there will be no difference between Your Gift to the world and You.

In the same way, your mind can’t be functioning properly if your body is not nourished, and you body turns into a mere empty object to be hated or admired, if your mind is missing. And you can’t relate to others without a heart or reach into the depths of life without a soul. Echoing Hippocrates, “Everything is in sympathy.”

19. I’m afraid of how fragile, short, heartbreaking and beautiful life is.
And exhausted, sometimes, from seeing the Universe in every single atom. So anyway, I try to put this splendid torch of a life into words, because I can’t bear the thought of living forever, yet I can’t quite accept the idea of soon being dead. I’m stuck between the illness and the cure, between bittersweet memories of yesterday and lucid dreams of tomorrow.

I guess the only time we really have is…Now?



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