Top 3 Most Powerful Excuses that Will Ruin Your Creative Life.


There is no reasonable escape for dreamers. No quiet hope for idealists. No true excuse for passion. No Someday for people of Now. No boxes, labels or prisons for those who understand that freedom starts inside, with a firm Yes to You.

Once you believe in something greater than your self, you have no choice but to become it.

Hope can’t survive in wishes, art can’t create in dreams, aliveness can’t breathe in a corpse, nothing exists unless YOU do.

Do you ever get tired of your own excuses?

Do you catch yourself frequently crying wolf about your wildest dreams, trying to postpone or sabotage a creative decision that could potentially revolutionize your life?

Because what if it doesn’t? What if you fail miserably? What if your feeling of not being, having, doing enough turns from a mere suspicion into a fact? What if you lose it all? And what if you succeed and have to step into a new dimension? What if you aren’t ready to be more? What if you are too ready? What if you are unable to maintain your success and start to crumble? What if you come to pieces? What then?… 

The human mind is the most creative animal on earth and the only one capable of constructing a parallel possible reality of if’s and could’s and maybe’s, that can efficiently strangle, paralyze and keep our evolution from taking place.

There is a trial in your chest on any given day. Your heart is always the accused. Your Fear, the prosecutor, helped by Reason, can build the most elaborate case against it, with valid arguments, proofs, logic…

Your heart never makes bail. It doesn’t stand a chance if judged by Reason, just like your dear Reason can’t be judged by what surpases it. But there you walk away, convinced you’ve done the right thing every day, by keeping that old bird in jail.

And yet, some other days you fight for it…


It’s easy to trick others with excuses — we’ve been wearing the masks of the world for so long it’s hard to tell who’s who anymore. But it’s surprisingly MUCH EASIER to trick yourself. Your excuses can run so deep that on most days you are unable to differentiate between your healthy human caution and all the lies your Fear has been feeding you for years.

Our mind can be our greatest ally and our bloodiest foe. Our lawyer and our prosecutor. Our Heaven and our Hell.

But to become the Masters of our Fate and the Creative CEO’s of our Lives, we must first learn to master this tiny little troublemaking mind.

Here are 3 of the top most powerful excuses that, in my opinion as an Excuse Addict in Recovery, will ruin your Creative Life.

And by Creative Life I mean the whole life: your Love, your Work, your Art. The way you do one thing is the way you do anything. Your core story applies to all your smaller stories. Your modus operandi handles the whole of you, not just the tiny pieces.

Now, these might seem like absolutely valid points to the Judge in you that rules over whether you should create or not. But if you look beyond them, they’re just another way of lying to yourself and missing opportunities and settling for less than all you can become. In every aspect of this life, your soul is aimed for more.

As Wisdom Grandpa Joseph Campbell put it,

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.

So hurry up. Let go. Untangle mind. Set yourself free, in these not-easy steps:

NUMERO 1: You don’t have the time. (THE TRAP OF FEELING CHOICELESS) 

Our time is limited. We are mortal creatures, just as a part of us is infinite. We are conflicted angels with a wing for always and a half-broken one for now.

When you say you don’t have time, what you are really saying is: “I do have time, I have 24 hours in a day, just like every other human being who has ever lived — but not for this, because I choose to invest my time in something else.”

Every little bit of life we engage in, every bit of heart we invest in projects and people comes down to a matter of PRIORITIES.

If it is clear to you what your priorities are, then there should be no conflict, no struggle and no frowning, you’d be content with your choices. But if there is a struggle, if there’s an ache, a deeper wish to become more or things be different, a burning lava at the hot center of you threatening to explode with unconsumed desire, then stop and reconsider.


During my college years, while studying mass communication, I was fascinated by all the intricate manipulation that the Media performs on the masses. I couldn’t understand how man can be (supposedly) the smartest animal and yet, tricked like a dog with smelly food and shiny objects.

Media manipulators know that our limited human attention can’t take in more than 7 news or major pieces of information a day. So whatever they don’t want you to see or read or mind as much but they are obligated to inform about, they will place after the TOP 7. Your mind will be so full and your attention so deeply captured by the first 7 (usually trivial, shocking or sensational news that little have to do with your everyday reality), that you won’t have any space or time left to consider and inquire about the REAL news and issues that truly affect you freedom and everyday wellbeing.

Apply this to your daily choices. If one subconscious, tiny part of your brain is manipulating the 90% other into accepting a life less than the one you deeply desire, there will be conflict. If you don’t know what your priorities are and don’t put your heart at the top of these priorities, there will be conflict.

Conflict causes PAIN, SOUL AGONY, a HEARTACHE that gets deeper and harder to bear through the years. 

TO HELP YOURSELF SURVIVE THIS CONFLICT, YOU’LL CHOKE UP ON DISTRACTIONS, and have even less time for your real story, truth, talent, work, love, creative revolution…

BEWARE: Distractions aren’t just about mindless entertainment. Unless you spend a great percentage of your day stuck on your couch watching TV, entertainment is the least of your worries.

The worst kind of distractions are actually the productive and constructive ones — the ones that keep you busy at your 70% so you don’t have anything left to go for your 100%. A job, a love, a life that keeps you in survival, but does not even come close to the Aliveness that your soul is craving.

Nothing is inherently bad and your 70% can be somebody else’s 100%… But if you spend your life on something that, as great as it might sound or look like in potential, it’s NOT your revolution, then what have you done with your limited time here on earth? Merely survive your way through? Is that the point of us? Is that why you’ve been given this unique and unrepeatable piece of canvas in history? To shrink from writing your true story on it? (I’ll be so mad at you if you say Yes.)

NUMERO 2: You don’t have the means — money or opportunities. (THE TRAP OF FEELING POWERLESS)

Limitations are first created in the mind, where our sense of self and reality begins.

Have you ever been desperate, looking for your keys in every single place you thought you’d left them, only to find them a few minutes later, in the same place you think you’ve looked, as if by magic?

But I just checked the kitchen counter twice!!! How did I NOT see them? They were right in front of me!!

Ah, the power of your mind. You didn’t see them because you weren’t expecting to find them on the kitchen counter. You never leave them there. You may have checked it, more than once, you may have looked straight at them, but since you weren’t expecting to see them, your mind blocked them from view so it could concentrate on fitting your reality within the frame you had created.

When you give up finding your keys, the mental frame of expectation dissolves and that’s when you begin to see them exactly where you’d previously missed them. Same with reality.

It’s called SELECTIVE ATTENTION. Our brain processes about 400 billion bits of sensory information per second. But out of these 400 billion, only 2,000 bits are SELECTED by the senses and brought to your awareness. The rest of information DOESN’T EXIST for you. And what is the filter, the parameter by which our brain knows which 2,000 bits to select? OUR FOCUS + OUR EXPECTATIONS.

Fate has little to do with magic and everything to do with creativity and science. We literally create more of what we focus on.

Imagine all the possibilities of living an extraordinary life, filled not with second bests but with your true, first choices (however crazy, unlikely or impossible they might be, however unnecessary or unimportant for others, yet vital for your soul), imagine all the TRUTH OF YOU, floating around you in the unseen quantum realm — while you decide that this REALITY cannot possibly exist just because YOU CAN’T EXPERIENCE IT WITH YOUR SENSES YET…

We’re not here to see or find the world and adapt to whatever feels like the best choice out of all the existing ones. We’re here to create the best world possible, the highest version of us we can imagine, the most beautiful life we’re capable of writing with our breath. 

I am not saying that your limits aren’t real. I am only asking you — why are you accepting them as true and letting them define your life?

There is a difference between real and true. Real means they exist. True means that you agree with them, accept them as your story and use them as your chief excuse to settle and not transcend your circumstances. True means that you trust and believe that your limits are the only truth of you, despite all the nodding and kicking and screaming and noise your heart (and through it, the whole wild revolutionary universe) is still trying to wake you up with.

So if your greater truth is abundance (in any area of your life, your ache will point it out) — and you begin to live your life from this perspective, even when you can’t perceive this abundance with your senses, you will sooner or later create it. Whatever this abundance means in your case.

Just like scarcity is not about “being poor” but about accepting poverty (in any area of life) as your fate, abundance is not about getting rich, it’s about feeling rich in all the areas you’ve previously been robbed.

The richer you feel inside, the less concerned or constricted you will be by your outside and the more still your inner space, out of which all creation will come forth.

Miraculously enough, by adopting an attitude of abundance, even as everything seems to crumble around you, you will tap into the quantum field of possibilities where every potential exists and attract the people and circumstances that you need for your creative evolution. You will experience in your skin what otherwise would seem impossible even in dreams.

Joseph Cambell again, on the other line. I attest, with my own blood, bone & desire, to the literality of this statement:

Follow your bliss. If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open the doors to you.

I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.

Now, of course, don’t expect your Bliss-Making process to be easy — especially after a whole life of repelling it. It takes the greatest amount of courage and strength to believe in a reality that you cannot see or experience with your senses yet, but only preview through the eyes of the heart.

And yet, what else do you have? If you are under the curse of powerlessness, then the most logical step out of your self-made prison is to stop frowning at the prison guards, stop blaming whoever you think sentenced you to life in prison, stop being angry at the weather, and start digging your way out.


We either evolve or we de-evolve. There’s no such thing as “middle ground” with us, homo creative sapiens. So stop agreeing with your powerlessness. Get up and raise a fist by doing something. It may not feel like much today, but after a few months of digging you will have finally created a tunnel through the thickest prison walls.

NUMERO 3: You don’t have what it takes. — Or, you’re not good enough. (THE TRAP OF FEELING UNWORTHY) 

If this is your excuse, let me ask you — What is “what it takes”? And “Enough” for whom? And why do you feel you must be this “enough” before you even begin? And why do you think you can’t become it? And is this this voice telling you NO the wise voice of Reason or is it Fear, once again? (Take your time to answer. Write it out if it helps.)

The fear of not being enough (like all fear) is irrational. It’s a dead end road. You can’t reason your way out of it because it isn’t based on reason but on a false belief, deeply implanted in your subconscious, that ends up controlling your conscious choices. It’s an extension of your fear posing as a rational excuse but if you examine it, you’ll find that it’s a lie.


So let us trick your reason, shall we?

Whenever you begin to excuse yourself from living to its fullest and going after what you desire for fear you are not enough, turn things around and ask yourself:

Is a life of “quiet desperation” and unfulfilled desire good enough for you? Is a life not authored by you up to your standards? Is waiting to be chosen by a certain person, elite or institution the answer to life’s questions? Or is it You — the question and the answer — and the creative action you decide to take at any given moment?


To help you understand that you are not alone but there’s an army of other dreamers & doers, fighting the same excuses and supporting your desire, read the autobiographies of the people you most admire. Or find your ordinary heroes and observe their lives, their struggles and how they’re overcoming their own not-enoughness.

It has been proven that when the human spirit is determined to achieve its self-actualization (in whatever way this manifests in each life or at any point in your journey) and when it gives this goal its all, it will, sooner or later achieve it.

It has been proven that circumstances, limitations, hardships and setbacks are powerless against our indomitable will and unlimited power to create. In fact, overcoming such impossibilities will add an extra depth and shade of epic to your story.


As Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “Once the mind has been expanded by a new idea, it will never return to its original size.”

Once a desire has been implanted deep within you, if you are a person of Now, it will be hard to ignore it.

Once you taste the nectar of the gods, you can’t ever go back to the sugary life of Not-now, and Not-you, and Not-here.

I urge you to look deeper within you and learn to differentiate between the voice of your heart and the voice of your Fear, Insecurities, Distractions and Excuses posing as Logic & Reason.

As Bukowski just texted,

Find out what you love and let it kill you.

(Or, in this case, resurrect you).

Tell your heart this is your lucky day in court. I find you guilty of the same desire that has forged a million creative revolutions since the world began, and burned through billions of excuses, and turned armies of dreamers into doers, and ordinary people into fierce creative warriors, and now it’s asking, Why Not You?

I therefore sentence you to (at least) 25 years of Unapologetic Freedom, Overflowing Passion, Deliberate Aliveness and a Life that resembles as close as possible the Unique Work of Art that You Really Are.

You’re free, you hear me?

Sign here & run.


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  1. I don’t know how you do it, but you read my heart every time. I’ve been struggling with all three numeros for the past several years. Some weeks, I can create all over the place. Other weeks, like right now, I revisit one or all of the excuses. Thanks for the gentle slap and the “Snap out of it!”

    • Andrea Balt says:

      Glad it helped, Stefanie. 🙂 I forgot to mention, it’s a two steps forward — one step back kind of journey and all the above can sometimes act together, off and on, in many forms while on this journey. I go through these highs & lows too, on a weekly (even daily) basis.

      I guess the key is awareness. As long as we keep developing this awareness, we’ll at least be able to notice when & who is running our show.

  2. It is my time to break free, and I KNOW that I will NEED to come back to this and re-read it often. Thank you for the encouragement and especially Numero 3, seems I struggle with this the most, even though Travis tells me often that I am very good, I have yet to grasp the concept in my soul.
    Your writings are a true inspiration Andrea and I continue to write in the hope that someday I will aspire to a level somewhere near you!

    With much admiration,

    • Andrea Balt says:

      Thank you so much Tammy! I think it’s every creator’s dilemma and it never goes away completely. 🙂 The best way to grasp Numero 3 is consistency: creating and putting yourself out there every single day. It’s a journey full of ups & downs but worth all the trouble.

      Big love!

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