“Dear Humans, I Can’t Save You.” — If God Prayed to Us…


I wrote a post a few weeks ago, in a spontaneous social media rant, about what God would sound like if he/she/it prayed to us. Among the amens and hallelujahs I got from some readers, I also got some angry notes and emails from others who immediately sent the Inquisition after me.

I must have been a witch in 1459. I must have lived out loud and loved my sins, tip-toed through hell and burned for heaven.

So, like any passionate digital sinner, I decided to sin a little further by recapping and extending my Lord’s Prayer into a blog.

But first, least you should crucify me too, a non-religious disclaimer on my spirituality: 

As a former Christian and a current Non-religious but Constant Seeker of Truth, Believer in Art & Worshipper of Aliveness, I have been deeply affected — positively and negatively — by the Christian subculture growing up.

I believe that all major religions and their subdivisions, have their rightful, solid place in history, and that they have done as much good as damage to individuals, families, societies and the world at large.

There is no light without its equal share of darkness, and this extends to every human sphere, every denomination, every creed, philosophy or school of thought.

On the romantic side of things, I’ll always be in love with churches. There is a sacredness within their walls, a melancholia my stained glass soul remembers, an awe inducing mystery calling the saint & sinner in me to take a deep breath & surrender.

I believe you can escape religion and build your own belief system, but you can’t escape spirituality. Faith is not particularly linked to religion; it is a creative quality in every field of the human experience. Even the faith in no faith is a form of faith.


Whatever your religion or your non-religion, I think you ought to find your daily god, your ecstasy, your holy land, your namastes, amens and hallelujahs. There are so many keys to the infinite asking to be found – small sacred clues & cosmic winks and breathless moments, doors waiting to be opened by our finite willing hands.
However, more than my personal and poetic beliefs about what god is or what is not, about the origins of life and the purpose of my own existence, I believe that as human beings — regardless of the way we relate to the sacred within and above us — we are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for our growth, our creative revolution and a consistent evolution, from the moment we become aware, until the moment we leave this world.
And this creative responsibility implies and requires that we keep seeking, accepting, honoring and manifesting our own unique truth, for as long as we live, under any circumstances.

In thus respecting and loving ourselves as unique gods & goddesses walking this earth for a short while, we have no choice but to respect and love others, in their own uniqueness and personal truth.

If we could just agree on this one HUMANE gospel, I believe there’d be a peaceful place on earth for every other “gospel.”

Religion is NOT Spirituality. It is a structured and hierarchical societal system like any other, and it cannot become “the opium of the people,” as Marx put it, unless we, The People, choose to close our eyes to everything that makes us human — starting with Love & Reason.

If instead of owning our humanity in its highs and lows, in every bloody area of life, we give away our power to the mystical and let our own or others’ idea of God direct, control and manipulate our present, and therefore design our fate — are we even alive?

If the truth is supposed to set us free, then this freedom must also imply the creative responsibility to become all that we can be on this planet — vs. mere wishful ghosts, sacrificing the Now for the Later, making a mess of this earth and its people, while infatuated with some future heaven and its angels. 

There is a place for every kind of emotion, feeling, decision, character and mistake in our story.

The point is, we must not forget, that we’re the ones holding the pen. Not god, not life, not our circumstances, our highs or lows, our lovers or our prosecutors. No. Every single page in the Book of Life is being written by us.

And now, let’s burn…err, pray.


Does god pray to us?

Dear Humans, it’s me, God… First time I pray to you. Forgive me if I sound like a beginner. The thing is, humans, I can’t save you…

I’m not sure where you got this idea — is it from Politics? — and why you keep repeating it like a broken record, trying to seduce, convince, force or bully others into following your path and call it Mine.

It’s not that I don’t want to save you, it’s just that I created you in such a way, that only YOU can save yourselves.

Before this mess got out of hands, the idea was for You to become the living miracles through which creative alchemy takes place, pick up your cross and carry it, pick up your life and change it, pick up you truth and live it, save yourselves.

The idea wasn’t that you try to change the world to fit your paradigm, but that you change and free yourself to fit Love’s paradigm and let the life in you bring life to others. How badly you’ve misunderstood my metaphors!

You’ve basically created me in your own image, how convenient.

Most urgent matter here: Stop killing, hating, judging in my name and persecuting people for the color of their skin, their nationality or the way they make love. Are you insane, humanity? Have you gone mad, religion?

I never asked for segregation, holy wars and sexual repression. All I’ve ever shown you, in every culture, creed and era, through every saint, sinner and prophet is to LOVE yourself first and LOVE the world equally. What is so difficult to understand about these two commandments?

Whenever you’re in doubt, go learn from animals and children, watch them perform all kinds of daily miracles based on these simple thoughts the universe spins on. They know the truth and they don’t even know they know. With all you claim to know, why don’t you know?

Also, my crazy children, why are you so obsessed about getting to heaven and where you go after you die? Meanwhile, you ignore the Wonder you are here to make while you’re alive. Talk about Sin? This is your greatest.

Heaven is not a place you go to after you bullshit, victimize and agonize your way through life, ignoring your talents, repressing your creativity and postponing your aliveness for later, someday or never.

That sounds more like a purgatory you made up in order to excuse yourself from living like a work of art, and let your fear interfere with your creative evolution, and bail out of the bloody battle for your heart, and be forgiven for not living deeply, madly, now.

No, humans. I do NOT forgive you for lying to yourselves. Heaven is a State of Being. Paradise is a conscious daily decision to be in harmony with the flow of life, not fighting for or against it. I wanted you to have this from Day 1! Why are you making it so difficult?

My dear humans, I’m so fucking exhausted from the mess you’ve made of me. I’m neither a homophobic serial killer, nor a sex-deprived saint turned pedophile, a genocidal sadist dictator, an emotionally unstable fanatic, or a selfish, insecure deity that delights in your suffering and self-flagellation.

My god — I mean, my human — what have you been smoking? I love my people, I love my animals, I love my earth. I am the multiverse. That’s why I made this planet so diverse.

Please stop destroying it with greed and fear and your desire to control. How can you think your self-destruction is “My Will”? For YOUR sake, not mine — because this planet is YOUR home — STOP projecting your own closeted weaknesses and greatness on me!

Own your darkness and light, take creative responsibility for YOUR life! Whatever I am, or am not, you cannot fully grasp or understand from your finite position.

But don’t you worry, dear babies, I’ve made sure to leave you enough clues that just like you, I am essentially LOVE and I CREATE new galaxies every damn day. And if you really think you are created in my image, so must you.

You are YOUR way, YOUR truth and YOUR life. Don’t put this on me!

I made you gods and goddesses, I gave you kingdoms to create, watch over and expand into new versions of this love. Why are you robbing your own house, my humans?

Goddamn it, humans, I feel so ridiculous here on my knees in my celestial office talking to myself…

Is anybody there? Can you hear me?

Heaven sighs…




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  1. Amen! ……so good written..Thanks

  2. Fantastic! So very well said. LOVE yourself first and LOVE the world equally. How much more simple can it be?

  3. Thank you. I feel that there is always a conflict when articulating our souls through the limited words we have been given. Thank you for perfecting the craft in this post. Thank you.

  4. Incredibly profound and enlightened. How courageous! This perspective is so on point. I believe…WE are praying to OURSELVES and WE answer our Prayers. OUR words, thoughts and actions create. Keep it coming Sis!

    • Andrea Balt says:

      I love your perspective Naima. Indeed we are. The power of suggestion is the motor of all faith — of ANY faith in ANYTHING. I also think of mantras as little prayers.

  5. Hi Andrea,

    I think people are sometimes prone to tunnel vision when it comes to religion, I think this is further exacerbated by the culture within which it exists. It does have its positives and negatives, but this depends on the people who personify the values.

    Kudos to you for the post. I understand what you mean.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Andrea Balt says:

      Hi Aji — great point. It’s a combination of factors, I agree. And the degree of positive or negative ultimately depends on the person. Though the very element of projection — i.e. assigning our human values to an outside “god” — distorts perception and awareness to such an extent that often even the most basic human morality and compassion can be sacrificed to the perceived divine.

      For many good people with good intentions, god often comes to occupy and even attempt to clarify the uncertainty, the no-man’s-land, the void, the grays, the mysteries of existence, the perceived blind spot, etc.

      It’s ironic then that precisely in this divine spot, located high above human values (and humans), “god” can usually get away with many inhuman actions. This is where the damage happens, I think, and why I emphasize the element of personal responsibility in any belief system one chooses.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

  6. Christine P says:

    Keep up the love, light and realness you emit Andrea.
    The naysayers, haters are intimidated by your light.
    So be it. Enough said.
    Know that the authenticity that you bring forth is lighting the path for many and that you have personally made a difference in this complete strangers journey.
    Love and light.


  7. well said my dear.

  8. Hello! Mi name is David, I am from Spain and do not speak english, I want only say what i want married whit you. jajaja you do incredible and your life inspire me very much. I promise I will learn english. Thank you of heart _/\_ <3

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