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In September 2012, I founded Rebelle Society, my first creatively maladjusted brain child — an online magazine and creative community where many of us dreamers, misfits, healers, artists, Renaissance-people and above all, expressive troublemakers, come together to re-create ourselves from the inside out and retell our stories through writing and other art forms.

We publish daily articles dealing with every aspect of our human experience, and using creativity as our engine and rebellion as our escape route out of the Matrix. Rebelle Society is, as we like to call it, our virtual country occupied by the Art of Being Alive, in which the only passport required is your imagination. For a quick taste of the Rebelle heart, read our Creative Manifesto.

In December 2013, we released our first book — a collection of the best articles we’ve had the honor and pleasure of publishing on during our first year of life: A hybrid compilation where our New Media Renaissance meets the Old Book Romance — containing actionable, bullshit proof, selected wisdom served in digestible bites, by more than 60 expressive troublemakers from all over the world who’ve left their creative footprint on Rebelle Society and our hearts. The book is now available through worldwide.

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Here is some of my own creative rebellion from my life-curating Rebelle column:


LIFE 101: My baby steps into the Renaissance.


LIFE TOOLS: Timeless wisdom from my wisdom parents and teachers.


CULTURE & INTERESTINGNESS: Trends, insights, ideas, mind-savers rescued from our social imagination. 


WRITING LAB: Writing tips, tricks & inspiration for writers, from writers.


POETRY LOUNGE: Digestible recaps of my love affair with different poets & why they mean so much.

        {The Poetry Lounge is a collaborative column. Get the rest here.}


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