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10 Superpowers that help me rock your world:

1. I hold a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, an MFA in Creative Writing and a Holistic Health Coach degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®

2. I’m a bilingual wordsmith — English & Spanish — and I use both languages on a daily basis for work, life, love and why.

3. In addition to regular extensive travelling, I’ve lived in four different continents for long periods of my life and I operate from a multicultural & multilingual background and perspective.

4. I have a unique, first-hand experience and proven achievement in technical and creative writing, marketing, copywriting, blogging, editing and different love affairs with art & culture.

5. In mid-2012, I founded, a grassroots online magazine, grown organically by means of  Creative Branding & Marketing, to top 1,000,000 viewers a month in just one year — culminating in a book compilation, that made the top 20 Amazon Bestseller list, within the first weeks of publication (December, 2013).

6. I’m a hard-to-please word alchemist, restless Renaissance woman, passionate creator and art/design junkie. As a result, I end up turning everything I get involved with into Something Smart, Sexy & Stylish with a Soul — or else what are we doing here?

7. I’m a multi-faceted holistic artist & healer and an inevitable entrepreneur. My work is an undivided mind-body-heart affair, communication is the outer layer of my life and offerings, and my medium enhances my message.

8. I combine my solid, 10-year post-grad education and lifelong relationship with books and learning, with an intuitive and creative hands-on approach to art & business. Likewise, I’m a strong advocate of knowledge in any form or voice, but I often let imagination run the show and win my bets.

9. Just like in nature, I believe that every human transaction should be a win-win or nobody wins, and that “the love you take is equal to the love you make.” What goes around comes around, so my highest aspiration is to imitate nature in all my business deals, projects and relationships. I’m not interested in anything less than my and your utmost aliveness.

10. I put my undivided heart, attention, passion, talents and expertise into every project I take on. Therefore I am very selective and mindful with my time investment — and I price each exchange accordingly.

Read praise notes from people I’ve danced with. 

Below is a list of all the crazy things I currently do for a living in my Renaissance virtual office (a.k.a. mostly coffee shops or sunlit Rooms with a View around the world).

Check out my list of upcoming offerings below — courses, events and opportunities and contact me for additional details if you are interested in co-creating with me in any of these intertwined parallel universes.

And you should know…

Plan A or Nada...

Plan A or Nada…


2018 Upcoming Workshops, Events & E-courses – Join Me!



Year of You (ONLINE) — {ENROLLMENT OPENS SOON} The One Life Course They Didn’t Teach You in School. A year-long self-creation adventure with monthly trainings in every Area of You: purpose and mission, creativity and self-expression, work and business, love and relationships, life, life, ALL OF LIFE. Monthly attendance. Affordable. Life-changing. Adaptable to any lifestyle and schedule. Read more & sign up for the waiting list via

The Writer’s Rebellion (ONLINE)— {ONGOING ENROLLMENT REOPENS IN FEBRUARY} – A 6-Week+ Intensive Writing Training that will inspire you to create your truest lines by overcoming fear, self-doubt and stagnation with creative action, as you improve your writing and communication skills. Go to to sign up for the waiting list and get notified when we open.

Creative Rehab Retreat in BALI, Indonesia (LIVE) — March 23-30, 2018 — {REGISTRATION IS OPEN} Join me for 7 Days of Art & Adventure, Writing & Culture, Nature & Yoga, Nomadic Business & Creative Troublemaking, Inspiring Soul Connections & Empowering Life Design on the Island of the Gods! Read all the details and sign up via

30 Days of Writing: Write Yourself Alive! (ONLINE – June 1-30, 2018 – Enrollment opens late May) — More Details will be available via Sign up for our Inner Circle to be notified.

Creative Rehab Retreat in VENICE, ITALY (LIVE) — September 2018 — Final Date TBA — 7 Days of Writing & Culture, Nature & Yoga, Nomadic Business & Creative Troublemaking, Inspiring Soul Connections & Empowering Life Design in the European Sanctuary of Artists & Dreamers for the past 500 years. Bookmark and stay tuned for more details available soon.

Creative Troublemaking Mastercourse (ONLINE) — October-November, 2018 — A 7-week online adventure in creative Marketing, purpose-driven Branding & profitable Artistpreneurship for Creators. Bookmark & sign up for the waiting list. 

Creative Rehab Weekend Workshop in New York City — (LIVE)October 2018 — Final Date TBA — A weekend of Writing & Connections, Creative Troublemaking and Empowering Life Design in NYC. More info coming soon. Sign up for our Inner Circle via to be notified.

Warrior Woman Rising Retreat in TULUM, MEXICO (LIVE) — December 2018Final Date TBA – A week-long sacred sisterhood encounter of warrior women, leaders, creators, witches and rebelles to heal, support, get nourished and inspired — taking place on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Bookmark and sign up to get notified when registration opens.


Warrior Woman Rising E-Course (ONLINE) — A 12-Week Creative Initiation to the Wild Feminine. For lady bosses, warriors, and fierce creators. Sign up via to be notified when it opens.

Heart Recycle (ONLINE) — A creative writing + self-healing program that helps you heal your story through creative self-expression, and alchemize your pain and dark times into purpose. Sign up for the Waiting List + Inner Circle HERE.



Seminars, Talks, Creative Collaborations

Message, Topics & Style:

My overall message is targeted to creators, artists, writers, healers, Renaissance people and entrepreneurs from all walks of life —  and aimed to help you get reacquainted with your inherent creativityrediscover and understand the unique stories you tell and believe about yourself, and apply your different types of intelligence and signature superpowers to becoming a fuller, more complete version of you — one that celebrates in equal parts the mind, body and soul as essential aspects of the whole.

My themes include, but are not limited to:  

In addition to the specific topics I expound upon in each of these sections, new ones can be adapted to suit the audience.

I am a strong advocate of a medium that both matches and enhances the message in every aspect of the communication process, so I always try to achieve the most effective content-style relationship in all my creations.

If I might be your creative cup of tea, contact me here


Creative Writing & Word Alchemy

Contact me if you want to discuss writing collaborations, book ideas or other writing opportunities. Only Creative Writing Projects or other Win-Win Business/Creative Collaborations.

No ghostwriting. No blurbs or endorsements unless I have time to read your book & fall in love. No editing or copyediting. My time is very limited at the moment and although I’d LOVE to help you with your art or craft, I’m currently immersed in other projects that demand all of my time and focus.  

If you need editing, copyediting or ghostwriting referrals, I have some awesome connections with different freelance editors & creative alchemists who might be able to help. Get in touch with me.


Creative Branding / Marketing Consulting

Creative Marketing & Branding are among my greatest passions, in addition to Writing. For the last 5 years, I’ve created and organically grown over 5 brands of my own (+ currently working on a few more), and helped hundreds of creators worldwide find their voice, clarify their message and tell their story through effective and creative branding, online marketing and self-promotion.

I view Marketing as an art in itself and I believe it plays a vital role in the creative process. A NEW session of my Mastercourse in Branding & Marketing Essentials for Creators, Creative Troublemaking 101, will relaunch in 2018.


I’m NOT currently offering any one on one Branding/Marketing/Consulting Services — but I’m open to considering high-end projects that I might find interesting or creatively/finantially beneficial to collaborate with.

Feel free to contact me if you think we can dance.


Rebelle Society


Rebelle Society is a multi-author blog and creative community I founded in September 2012 — publishing daily articles on multiple aspects of the human experience, from a creative, uplifting and proactive paradigm.

We regard it as a virtual country occupied by the Art of Being Alive, where many of us dreamers, misfits, healers, artists, Renaissance people and expressive troublemakers come together to retell our stories & re-create our lives through writing and other art forms.

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